Zucchini Lasagne | Gluten Free

I love lasagne.  It’s bubbly cheesy goodness, it’s wonderfully savory sauce and all of its hearty comfort. Italian food feels very comforting to me.  When I was sick, my Dad would always make me pastina with butter and cheese or lentil soup with pasta shells.  My Italian grandmother is also a mean cook!  Her lasagne actually has meatballs inside of it.  Does that sound amazing?  Yup.  Yup, it is.

Ever since becoming gluten free, I have not had this wonderful dish.  I couldn’t find the motivation to create it with rice or corn or quinoa noodles.  I felt like it would be a disappointment, and might turn out to be the mushy counterpart to my Grandmother’s lasagne.  Don’t get me wrong, I do indulge in gluten free pasta now and then, and it can be quite tasty, but it can also be finicky and unfriendly. Continue reading

Homebody Halloween | Cinnamon Sugar Pumpkin Seeds

Happy Halloween,  Human Friends, Bear Friends, Ghoul Friends and Everyone in between!

Admittedly, this year I have been a bit of a Halloween bummer.  It completely snuck up on me.  There was no costume planning.  There was no party planning.  I wasn’t one of the people that put out spooky spider webs or cardboard graveyards on their lawn.  There was, however, some long pauses made in a very well stocked candy aisle at Target. Oh, and some lingering on Etsy for pet costumes. Nothing was purchased (biggest Halloween regret?  Yup.) That is about as far as I went this year. Continue reading

Cheesy Cauliflower Bake

 When the seasons start to change, and the weather starts to shift, I find myself going into hibernation mode. I nest. I start to do things like organize weird, neglected cabinets in the house and bake pumpkin scones. I want to be comfortable and warm and cozy.  I want to stuff my face with cheese and starch.  I want to break out my husbands over-sized, fleece sweatpants and make them acceptable to wear in public.  Let’s redefine sexy.  Right? This probably won’t happen, but I am still hoping.  Hey, Pajama Jeans happened, and no one saw that coming.  There’s  a chance.

I am off topic. Continue reading

The Graduate

Yesterday was a momentous day in our household. Our five month old Golden Retriever, Emma, graduated from her  “Beginning Puppy” class. I am pretty sure that this was the puppy class equivalent of an alternative, laid-back preschool. The kind of school where you let the kids make the rules and it’s acceptable to  steal the other kids toys because “that’s just the breed.”

Could you imagine if it was like that in real human kid school?  Your kid does something naughty and then they are asked by the teacher  “Wait…what’s your nationality again?  Ooooh…”  I think that would be called discrimination.  However, in the puppy world these things fly. Dogs are held to a whole other standard than humans. It’s a lax life. Continue reading

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