Mediterranean Cashew Spread | A Friendship Link Up

Today Becca over at The Dabblist and I are linking up to give you some cashew magic.  Did you know that you can make cheese and dips and spreads out of cashews?  I sure didn’t.  It’s just a little magic that happens when you soak your nuts. I could edit that to sound less dirty, but I am just going with it. Call me Tobias Funke.

The truth is, I was scared.

Becca and I started doing something called The Friend Diet. In short, we would send each other texts of all of the meals and snacks we ate during the day. The goal was just to be held accountable for all of things we decided to put in our faces. It turns out that we are just really good friends and support each other through our love of cheese, baked goods and the occasional milkshake. In times of green juice or in times of cookie cake, I got your back friend. You my girl. 🙂 […]

Stormy Weather | A Time For Unapologetic Footwear

It’s raining.  It’s cold.
I’ve spoiled myself with one of those salted-caramel hot chocolates and am on the sleepy-side of a sugar coma. Both of the pets are sleeping. It’s a stormy weather sleep-fest in here.

Look at those party animals. […]

Curried Delicata And Sweet Potato Bisque

Let me be straight with you.

This recipe was created for the sole purpose of using my brand new immersion blender.

I had a very domestic birthday. I received a sewing machine (note: I totally sewed that place mat you see there. The hems are ALMOST straight. Pretty much a professional.) a three piece cupcake carrier, an immersion blender, tart pans, ramekins and a collection of amazing cooking and food styling books. (Oh, and a hangover. We will get to that in another post. Coming to you soon.)  Serious jackpot. I had never used an immersion blender before, but knew it was something that I wanted to try.  Who likes to puree their soups two cups at a time in a semi functional blender?  Not this girl.  I’ve scalded myself multiple times.  I have hot soup battle scars. I can be kind of a hot mess. My parents always said, “there’s a reason we didn’t name you Grace.”  I would like to say that comment is rude, but it is just ever so true. Darn it. […]

Beet and Parsnip Chocolate Cake | Gluten Free

It’s good to have creative friends.

My friend Becca over at The Dabblist posted a recipe for Chocolate Almond Molten Beet Cakes.  I died. They looked so gooey and wonderful.  The color of red velvet.  Oh, and they are made with beets.  No big deal.  When I saw that post I got really fired up.  I wanted to bake with my beets.  I wanted to beet it. Does that sound dirty?  Stop it.  Get your mind out of the gutter.  I immediately went to my pantry and surveyed my ingredients. I didn’t have all of the things that I needed to make her exact cakes.  I did a quick google search.  No, I didn’t google search “Beet It”.  I suggest you don’t either.  Or do.  Tell me what you find. […]