Cranberry Ginger Simple Syrup | A New Year’s Eve Cocktail


It’s nearly New Year’s Eve and although I don’t have any fancy plans, I DO intend to be holding a fancy drink when the clock strikes twelve (Midnight. Not noon. Unless I have one at noon. It’s a holiday)

I’ve made you a cranberry and ginger simple syrup and cocktail to match. Actually, I kind of made it for me. I am currently sipping on the one pictured above. I had to test it for you. Make sure it wasn’t awful (It’s not.).  You’re safe. Drink away.

I had never made my own infused simple syrup before, and it turns out it’s totally easy (perhaps this is why they call it “simple” syrup). Boil some water and sugar, add your desired infusing ingredients, let it all cool and you are in business. It’s not a lot of work, and you will seem super fancy. Nay, you ARE super fancy. No seeming about it.

Let’s make some simple syrup! […]

Happy Holidays!

Hey, Friends!
Just taking a minute to wish you all a happy holiday season!  I hope your Christmas was spectacularly joyful!
As you have probably noticed, things have been a little quiet around here. I have been taking a little holiday breather to spend time with my family and appreciate it all. I will be back to posting regularly after the new year. Don’t worry. I miss you.
Christmas was a beautiful little whirlwind. We hosted 17 people this year. I have a  large family. 17 is a small year.
We had a nice quiet little morning before the guests started to arrive. Some presents were exchanged. There was coffee and tea and lots of table setting. […]

Baked Beef & Red Wine Stew

So, I’ve been having a love affair. No, love affair sounds cheap and fleeting.  Hmm…

Ok, I have been having a full on committed relationship.

With Beef.

Most of my friends know this about me.  When asked my favorite breakfast I will almost always say “Steak and Eggs…hold the eggs.”  I’m the girl that doesn’t even have to reheat leftover steak. I will go National Geographic on a T-bone at 8am.

Steak and I don’t  see each other that often anymore. I’ve been having this thing on the side with kale and some late nights with re-fried black beans and their hussy friends, the corn tortillas.  Oh, and Green Juice. That has been getting hot and heavy.

But when steak and I get together, magic happens. […]

One Day At A Time | A Pre-Christmas Breather

I need this reminder today.

Everywhere I look it’s Christmas. Not just Christmas, but CHRISTMAS!!!!!  It’s yelling at me.

My head is full of how many packages I have to wrap and how much laundry I need to do. What am I going to make for Christmas dinner? Why didn’t I get around to infusing that booze or making that vanilla extract? I sit here legitimately kicking myself that I did not take a family portrait with myself, husband, dog and cat all in Christmas sweaters. Why did we not get around to that? When does my family get into town again? Wait…when is the water bill due again? Sheesh. Complain, complain.

I am knee deep in crafting. Covered in felt scraps. I might burn some granola. I have too many ideas and too many lists. […]