A Capybara Ballerina | Because, This Is My Brain…

Capybara Ballerina | So...Let's Hang OutSo… I title this piece “Capybara Ballerina” or “Capybara On Pointe” or maybe “Capyballerina”. Take your pick.

This is the “artwork” that happens when my husband is out of town and I find myself marathoning episodes of Breaking Pointe while housing an entire box of gluten-free mac & cheese. Have you watched that show? Ballet is dramatic. For reals. Continue reading

Hangry Bear + Hanger Management


This, my friends, is a bear. This bear is hungry. This bear is angry. This bear is “hangry.” This bear sometimes waits too long in between meals and then yells at her husband when he offers to make her scrambled eggs. This bear will swear up and down and sideways that she is not hungry. Why does she have to be hungry? Can’t a bear just be emotional? Gosh. Nobody understands a bear. This bear will then complain that her stomach hurts and that she feels nauseous. Husband-bear will suggest again that his wife-bear is simply hungry. This bear will not have it. This bear is convinced that she is probably dying, and the only thing her husband-bear can think about is scrambled eggs. Typical husband-bear. Always thinking about breakfast.  Husband-bear will totally just make those scrambled eggs anyway, and place the loaded plate in front of his angry wife-bear’s snarling snout. This bear will devour them. This bear was the hungriest.

Confession… this bear is me. This is basically a self portrait. Hanger: it isn’t pretty. Continue reading

Stay Cool

Stay Cool | So...Let's Hang Out

I am trying to take a tip from this cheetah in stunner shades. It’s just not always that easy.

Let me just give you a quick recap of my Monday:

Wake up. The water heater is leaking. Husband takes car in to be serviced. I decide to do laundry. The laundry machine fails to work and starts beeping. It shuts down and locks our bed-sheets inside.  The guy comes to fix the water heater. The dog and the cat decide this is a great moment to start fighting. This is not the normal cat hits dog in face and dog gets annoyed, but rather the cartoon-y dust cloud kind of ruckus  I try to break it up. Chaos. It doesn’t work. I decide to let them hash it out and try to liberate my bed sheets from the locked up washing machine. I press a lot of buttons. I shake it a little. I finally get it to start going again. I go into the kitchen to wash some dishes and promptly realize that the water has been shut off due to the water heater situation.

Stay cool. Continue reading

Live Fancy | A Bear’s Motto


Recently I had the pleasure of getting together with Lauren. You may have met as she occasionally writes over at The Dabblist. She is crafty and domestic and has a bunch of her own power tools which I find to be extremely inspiring and go-getter-ish of her. Basically, she’s fantastic. During the course of our hang-out she managed to give me at least three life changing tips about gardening  and one really solid piece of food advice. I did not know that they would crack and clean crab FOR you at the market. (Thank you, Lauren.)  Yes, I write a food blog. Don’t judge me.

We had lunch. She brought me an edible bouquet as a hostess gift (This is the best hostess gift ever. I had an inappropriately excited response to a bunch of chard and kale and carrots. Beautiful.) My puppy got really excited to meet her little baby girl. The puppy kissed the baby all over her face and the baby laughed. It was basically the cutest of cute overloads ever to be seen. Not even fair. If there was a video and I put it on the internet, the internet would break. We talked about life and food and blogs. Lauren mentioned that she wanted more drawings of bears on the blog. Later that day I got another twitter message requesting more bears as well. Who am I to disappoint my faithful readers? So, here you go. A fancy grizzly bear in a bow tie.  Living fancy. Continue reading

Just Hanging Out…


Happy Friday, Lovelies!  How was your week? Let’s take a minute to hang out, shall we?

My week was kind of a doozy.

Here is the picture of how it all went…

I managed to catch the flu. The middle of this week was spent on our couch watching TV programs that I had vowed never to watch.

I dipped my toe into the  program Totally T-boz , a reality show featuring Tionne “T-boz” Watkins made famous by the 90’s girl group TLC. As someone who once dressed up as Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes for Halloween (It was sixth grade, let’s just say I was (am) a HUGE TLC fan – like, life-size poster on the bedroom wall, subscribed to both VIBE magazine and Word Up magazine, mostly to cut out the pages and paste them on my walls. It was serious. These were my people.) it is awkward to see them out in the world, “chasing waterfalls” if you will, to save their careers. In my head I like to imagine T-boz still clad in silk jammies and a belt made of condoms, creepin’ somewhere, being fly. Instead, she is just like the rest of us, hustling to find work and baking pancakes at one in the morning because she can’t sleep. Reality is sometimes harsh. In the process of trying to find you some TLC reference photos/videos, I happened across this “The 40 best R&B videos of the 90s”  hoopla and I currently have the “No Diggity” video blasting as I write this. No apologies. Continue reading

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