Instant Pot Chicken & Ginger Noodle Soup {Gluten-Free + Paleo} // A Health Journey Update

I know a handful of things to be absolute truths. For example, kindness is better than judgment, It’s essential to stay hydrated, life is never what you think it’s going to be, it’s impossible to get Adele concert tickets without selling a kidney, and when in doubt, MAKE SOUP. Always and forever, style. Like, tattoo a steaming bowl of chicken noodle onto my biceps. Do you think I could make the noodles dance when I flex? Maybe. I will probably never find out.  […]

A Decadent Gluten-Free Valentines Day Feast For Two!

I’ve been dishing up recipes like crazy in order to help you build the most perfectly decadent Valentines Day dinner at home! I wanted to put this post together so you’d  have the whole menu in one place. Oh, and it’s a good one. If I could live somewhere inside those Creamy Goat Cheese + Lobster Mashed Potatoes, I would. Or, maybe I’d build a home out of that filet mignon? Um, don’t make me choose. Let’s just eat it all. Okay, good.  […]

The Perfect Pan Seared Filet Mignon

Psst! You guys, I convinced my husband Peter to write about steak. Two of my favorite things in one post. I’m the luckiest girl. Enjoy!

After many years of going to nice dinners with price-fixed menus, Gina and I made a valuable discovery. Every year on the fourteenth of February, our local grocery store had the most amazing sale: half price steak and half price lobster. Knowing we’d never really enjoyed those no-choice, crowded, over-priced meals out on the town (that, let’s be honest are nothing but mediocre) — a new tradition was born. No longer were we held to the rules of February’s cliche romantic fantasy, we made our own rules by inventing Steak & Lobster Day. And it’s the best day of the year. […]

Paleo Eggplant Parmesan With Pork Ragu {Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free + Vegan Option}

I might be having a bit of an existential crisis. I made an entire pan of eggplant parmesan without any actual cheese. And I liked it. A lot. In fact, not only did I not use actual cheese, I manufactured cheese out of nuts. Yup. Nut cheese. I’m still in the middle of a Whole30, which means no dairy for this girl. Enter the cashews.

There are several things I’ve been highly suspicious of in my life, and the culinary term “nut cheese” is definitely on that list. I mean, could it sound any less appetizing? It’s up there with bellybutton lint. Not something you want on top of your pasta. Or, anywhere near the kitchen for that matter. Just, no. But here I am, manufacturing cheese out of cashews. Nutting up a pan of eggplant parm, and trying to convince you that this recipe is so gosh darn good that I considered licking the pan. My husband, a fellow member of team “WHY WOULD THEY CALL IT NUT CHEESE?!” also couldn’t get enough of this stuff. So, in conclusion I think we can agree that the term “nut cheese” is totally gross, but we should put skepticism aside in order to make large pans of dairy-free comfort food. […]

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