Tips To Detoxify Your Skincare + A Non-Toxic Skincare Giveaway From Luminance Skincare {Gluten-Free, Vegan & Raw}

I’ve spent the last two years on a furious mission to heal from chronic illness. This has meant taking a look at the food I eat, the environment I’m in, the cleaning products I use, and all of the factors that could potentially be adding to the toxic load within my system. This also means taking another look at the beauty and skincare products I put on my face, since anything you put onto your skin is absorbed into your body with as much expediency as if you put it into your mouth and chewed it. It’s kind of gross to think about putting soap or face-wash into your mouth, and I’m not suggesting you should. This isn’t A Christmas Story, and I’m not Ralphie’s Mom. But, wouldn’t it be great if the products used on your face were so safe and non-toxic that you wouldn’t have to contact poison control if you accidentally took a bite out of the soap (yeah, but don’t–k, thanks)? Yes. The answer is yes. How great would it be to flip over your face wash or moisturizer and only find ingredients that you can pronounce, identify, and knew to be nourishing!? Really freakin’ great.

As luck would have it, I found Luminance Skincare a couple of months ago. Their products are gluten-free (because, yes…gluten totally hides in skincare and that sucks), vegan, and raw to boot! They sent me some samples, and from the first wash I was hooked. So, today we’re teaming up to chat about non-toxic skincare, the art of washing one’s face, as well as giving away a whole set of their beautifully-made skincare products (happy holidays to YOU!). […]

A Few Words On Body Shaming

Body shaming is definitely a thing, and I did it to myself today.

This afternoon I wrote my Mom on Facebook, begging her to remove photos she posted on her Timeline of my recent visit to Los Angeles. They were family photos. Candids she had snapped while we were all in the pool together. I saw myself sitting hunched over in a swimsuit and I lost it. I cried. A little voice in my head woke up and began berating me like a mean girl in the high school cafeteria. “You’re disgusting,” it said. “You need to get these photos down immediately before anyone can see them–you don’t want people to know what you look like right now. Hide it. Take them down. Also, you’re worthless.” […]

Oh. Em. Gee. Time to PARTY! It’s A Relaunch Celebration + Giveaway!!!

You guys!! Welcome to the NEW So…Let’s Hang Out. Do you like my new digs?

I’m kind of freaking out right now. Like, more than a little. Hyperventilating maybe. Definitely doing a little bit of a happy ugly-cry  This transformation has been months in the making, and I’m just so happy to be sharing it with you all. I feel like a bit of  a crazy person to be weeping over a new site design… but, this little corner of the web and the community that we’ve built has become my baby. Is it weird to call a community a baby? I don’t even know. Don’t hold it against me. I’m busy doing jazz hands with a side of tears. I’m ready to party with you, drink a cocktail and then maybe go to sleep for a solid thirteen hours. All the emotions, friends. All of them. Who wants a hug? I’m feeling sappy. […]

You Got Me Straight Crushin’, Boo! {Volume Three}


It’s been a week. The long kind. Not all bad, but totally long. I’m sitting here finishing this post that was meant for a Saturday on a Sunday night. Looking at that dreamy beach-y photo from my recent getaway in Carmel and feeling a slight case of the Monday dreads. How, oh, how is it already Sunday night?

I YOLO-ed this weekend (are we still saying YOLO? I didn’t get the memo). There was sunshine and hiking and lots of time with our big golden pup. I ate pumpkin pie for dinner on Friday. I snuggled the husband. Watched a coming of age movie about some bird nerds. I planted some spinach. I ate more pumpkin pie. I purchased a new handbag for the first time in three years. I vowed to said handbag that I will never let it fall victim to a forgotten black and smashed banana (like so many purses before it). Oh, and I intend to eat more pumpkin pie right after I press publish. Okay… so, maybe my weekend was less YOLO and more YOPT (You Only Pie Thrice).

In other news, I’ve compiled this sweet list of things and peeps and funnies that’s got me straight crushin’. Enjoy! […]

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