Meet Gina

Hello Friend!  My name is Gina.

I am a photographer/ compulsive doodler/family taught cook/DIY crafty pants/gluten-free gal/friendship enthusiast/ lover of polar bears and all things pretty.

Every time my mother reads that description she wants me to add in that I am also a make-up artist. This is true. Consider it added in. I know my way around a face. :) (Hi, Mom!)

 I live in the San Francisco Bay Area with my fantastical husband. This is us on our wedding day. We take ourselves pretty seriously.


We are also parents to one very disgruntled cat and one very bouncy puppy dog. If you are curious, the pets do not get along. We are working on it.

I do, however, have this photo where it looks like there is hope.  Check out that proximity.


I have created this space to share a little bit of my self with you.  I will invite you into my kitchen, my home and my adventures. Thank you all for joining me on my journey.  So…let’s hangout.

Note: All images used on this site are property of So…Let’s Hang Out, unless stated otherwise. Please contact me for permission before using one of my images. Thank you!

27 thoughts on “Meet Gina

  1. Hi!

    Love your blog! I just bought the same SX-70 you’re holding in your lovely picture for my man for his birthday, but we’re struggling with the film. We bought the impossible project’s PX-70 film but it’s not coming out very well. Any tips or suggestions on film that you’re using? Thanks!


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  3. Hello Gina!
    Today is my first day of hanging out with you and so far am really enjoying your site! Going to try the tumeric juice! Thanks for being out here and continue to Have a Care ALWAYS! <3:) Shawna

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  5. you are so funny!
    and you’ve distracted me for like hours now.
    i had things to do tonight,
    somehow i ended up here..
    my laundry is probably ice cold sitting in the dryer.
    i still have things to do, because they’re still not done..
    o man i think its time to go..
    but this might be my new favorite blog.

  6. Hello Gina, I stumbled upon your blog thru another blogger on facebook and what a pleasant find! There’s so many things that you like that I like too like crispy chicken skin and cooking in a skillet and most of the rest. Im a recent newbie to Paleo and Gluten Free way of eating and I hope to find delicious recipes on your blog (in fact I have alreaqdy found one that Im so going to make!) I love the way you write and enjoying your blog so far!

  7. Just discovered your website and I love it! Love your friendly, funny, welcoming writing voice, your creative posts, and the general randomness that characterizes real life. Glad I found you!

  8. Just found your web page and I feel like I already love you!!!!… this is an amazing page that I will immediately share with my teenage daughter whom I know will immediately fall in love with your website as well!!!… thank YOU so much Gina for sharing your life with us!!… we need many people like you in this world!… Blessings on you and your family!!!

  9. I love your Russian Blue kitty! Gina you and Beth from Tasty Yummies look so much a like it’s amazing! I enjoyed your photos very much…big thanks for sharing …best of luck to you and a world of happiness today and always.

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  11. Fantastic brisket bbq sauce recipe! Even greater is your recipe for beef brisket. (Thank you for giving me a 1/2 a cup reason to buy 750ml of Bulleit Bourbon. Is going well with a nice cigar. (Sancho Panza Double Maduro-Cervantes Corona).


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  13. Just stumbled upon your blog – great ideas, and fun writing style. The picture of your dog and cat is really cute – the dog just wants to play, but the cat is having none of it! Haha, I know the feeling well! :)

  14. OMG fantastic juice recipes-one of them gives me no less than TEN of my 5 a day in one single hit! Your cat looks exactly like mine! She’s just gorgeous! THANKYOU for the recipes! I,m going to make them now-ALL OF THEM!!! Laughing! ALi Smith, UK

  15. God . . . . Love your sense of humor…I was born in SF …schooled there ..lived in Mission District then on to tHe peninsula..and now in Carmel…miss the City.
    Although I hear it’s not the same City..

  16. Hi Gina Marie! I would like to buy a juicer. Any advice. Would be a big help. I would like to start juicing and eating healthy. Thanks Diane

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