Raw Apple Pie Energy Bites {Gluten Free, Vegan, Paleo}

Raw Apple Pie Energy Bites | So...Let's Hang Out

So… here it is. Monday. We meet again

The weekend was fantastic. There was LOTS of sunshine. There was grill use. There were pricey organic hot dogs. There was a pricey organic hot dog combined with raw sauerkraut situation (so good). There were white wine spritzers out on the deck while we played a riveting game of Yahtzee.  There was a farmer’s market meet-up with awesome friends and their awesome kiddos. There was a beach. There was a very enthusiastic Emma at the beach who got to swim in the ocean for the first time. She was the happiest. There were long walks in the warm afternoon to go get gelato.  It felt like summer vacation. Why do we not get summer vacation as grown ups? Injustice!

As unjust as it may be, weekends end.  It’s totally Monday, and it’s totally back to real life. At least until Friday, at which point I reserve the right for it to be less like real life and more like summer camp with booze.

I’ve made you something to kick start your week. It’s an energy bite you can whip up in your food processor in a matter of minutes. You know those pricey energy bars you can buy at your health food store? You can make those. It’s simple. Plus, THESE TASTE LIKE PIE!!! Who doesn’t love pie?! Furthermore, who doesn’t like pie for breakfast? In my humble opinion, pie might be one of the best parts about the day after Thanksgiving. There’s obviously no need to make breakfast when you can cut yourself an embarrassingly large slice of pumpkin pie and eat it with your hands, like you are picking up a sandwich. I wouldn’t even be mad if there was some whipped cream on top. Whoa, this has taken a turn into my own personal pie fantasy. Continue reading

Cardamom & Honey Cashew Milk {Gluten Free, Vegan & Paleo Friendly}

Cardamom & Honey Cashew Milk | So...Let's Hang Out I’ve started and stopped writing this post more times than I would like to admit.

This is because I’ve written these sentences several times over and over with the utmost sincerity, and I am starting to feel like Tobias Funke:

How does one milk nuts?

I just love the taste of creamy nut milk!

It might seem time consuming to make your nut milk by hand, but the payoff is worth it.


Maybe I should just stop using the term nut milk and we’d be in way less trouble here. Let’s get more specific. Let’s call it cashew milk. Ah, there we go. That is so much better already. I can just feel this post taking a turn out of the gutter and straight to Classyville. Welcome. Continue reading

Buckwheat Waffles with Cinnamon Apples | Gluten Free

Buckwheat Waffle With Cinnamon Apples | Gluten Free // So...Let's Hang Out

Tomorrow is one of my favorite holidays.

It’s Steak and Lobster Day!

That’s right. Some people might refer to it as “Valentines Day,” but in this house we refer to it solely as Steak and Lobster Day. After a few years of going out to over-priced fixed menu dinners and suffering through people coming over to our tables and loudly serenading us with accordions or trying to sell us roses, we decided that we needed to go another route. One can only be serenaded by an accordion while eating overpriced lamb so many times. We started to notice that really good quality steak and lobsters were on sale at our local market during the Valentines madness. Jackpot. Thus was born Steak and Lobster day. Continue reading

Cinnamon Spice Granola | Gluten Free

Cinnamon Spice Granola | Gluten Free // So... Let's Hang Out

I am totally late to the granola party.

My invitation must have gotten lost in the mail. I now officially RSVP with bells on.

Why have I waited this long?

Making granola is so easy, it’s nuts. No really, there are a lot of nuts in this recipe. Literally. Wow. Granola jokes. I’ll be here all week. Tip your waitress.

All jokes aside, it really is super easy. A bunch of crunchy things meet in a bowl. You marry them together with a mixture of oil, spices and sweetness. You bake it at 350. You eat it by the handful.

I call this recipe Cinnamon Spice Granola… but honestly, I wont lie to you, there is a lot of stuff in here. I could have named it “Everything In My Pantry Except Sardines Granola” and it would probably be just as accurate. Sure, I spiced it with lots of yummy cinnamon, nutmeg and sweetened it with maple syrup. I also raided my pantry with the kind of greedy wild abandon that feels both shameful and wholly satisfying. A scoop of this, a dash of that, a whole lot of these, oooooh sunflower seeds? Coconut? Yes. Flax meal. Affirmative. There was not a lot of restraint. Continue reading

Honey Baked Grapefruit

Honey Baked Grapefruit // soletshangout.com


Something magical happens to fruit when you heat it up.

Think about it…Grilled peaches. Apple crisp. Fried bananas. Wine-poached pears. *Drool*

Grapefruit is no exception. Heat it up and it’s a whole other animal.

Most people either love or despise grapefruit. I get it. For years Up until my twenty sixth year on this earth, I was a big time grapefruit hater. I vividly remember my mom disliking them when I was growing up. This was the lady that told me I had to eat my lima beans. If she thought grapefruit was gross, who was I to argue with her. I put it in the must-taste-worse-than-lima-beans category  I never really tried one myself. In fact, I openly feared them. Continue reading

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