You Got Me Straight Crushin’, Boo! {Volume Three}


It’s been a week. The long kind. Not all bad, but totally long. I’m sitting here finishing this post that was meant for a Saturday on a Sunday night. Looking at that dreamy beach-y photo from my recent getaway in Carmel and feeling a slight case of the Monday dreads. How, oh, how is it already Sunday night?

I YOLO-ed this weekend (are we still saying YOLO? I didn’t get the memo). There was sunshine and hiking and lots of time with our big golden pup. I ate pumpkin pie for dinner on Friday. I snuggled the husband. Watched a coming of age movie about some bird nerds. I planted some spinach. I ate more pumpkin pie. I purchased a new handbag for the first time in three years. I vowed to said handbag that I will never let it fall victim to a forgotten black and smashed banana (like so many purses before it). Oh, and I intend to eat more pumpkin pie right after I press publish. Okay… so, maybe my weekend was less YOLO and more YOPT (You Only Pie Thrice).

In other news, I’ve compiled this sweet list of things and peeps and funnies that’s got me straight crushin’. Enjoy! […]

You Got Me Straight Crushin’ Boo! {Volume Two}

Look, guys! I’m actually sticking to a series. Gimme five.

You can see the first edition of this new crush n’ gush series here.

Basically, here are all the things that got me straight crushin’ this week. Plain and simple. It’s food, it’s funnies, it’s a little bit of nudity. Don’t look so surprised.

Hope you’re having a killer weekend! xox […]

You Got Me Straight Crushin’, Boo. {Volume One}

Welcome to the first edition of You Got Me Straight Crushin’, Boo.

I thought it was high time to start a new series on this blog– mostly so I could use this photo of Emma looking all hoochie-mama-human on the couch.  Kidding. Kind of. Look at that dog. She’s shameless.

I wanted to have a space where I could fan-girl gush over the things I’m loving, direct you to stuff that will make you laugh, introduce you to awesome bloggers and generally let you know what’s got me crushin’ (boo). I realize the name of this post is ridiculous, but I just can’t help it. It felt right.

Should we do this thing? Let’s check out some of my favorite things this week! Yay! […]

The #SoLetsPigOut Summer Potluck! 20+ Recipes to Help You Celebrate Summer!

I can’t believe this week is already coming to a close! I guess time really does fly when you’re having fun  stuffing your face withchicken wings & donuts. I hope you’ve a had a great time this week hanging out with Emily and I! We’ve had a total blast dishing up a delicious potluck-style feast for you. Now, we hope to really blow your socks and/or fat-pants off by including a bunch of our best blogging buds in the fun! Below you’ll find 20+ recipes made for you by some crazy-talented food folk. We hope this helps you celebrate your summer with a sassy full plate o’ food.

Before you start clicking and swooning over recipes galore, don’t forget to enter all of the snazzy giveaways from this week (there are FIVE total)! We kind of went nuts. It’s summer. You deserve presents. I’ll hook you up with the links below!
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