The So…Let’s Hang Out Podcast // Episode 010– Haters Gonna Hate

We promised you a Christmas episode, but now that it’s March you’re just going to have to be cool with us talking to you about Valentines Day. Oh, wait. That was a month ago? Whoops. So, this podcast is coming to your ears a bit belated, but with all of our good intentions. Life got away from us. But, we’re ready to talk your ears off. By the way, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, all the things. […]

The So…Let’s Hang Out Podcast // Episode 009: You’ve Gotta Go Full Island

We’re back! I know it’s been a while, but we’re totally back to chat your ears off. I’m going to tell you about my Hawaiian vacation. Beth will tell you about getting drunk on airplanes. I’ll try not to cry on the podcast and end up giving you too much info about bikini waxing–plus soooo much more. I hope you enjoy it!

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The So…Let’s Hang Out Podcast// Episode 008: Disaster Date

Hey, Friends! Beth and I are back to chat about all things fall, a date gone horribly wrong, what happens when mercury goes into retrograde, and how we’re both sweating while trying to use pumpkin pie spice. Fall has not been cold in California, but that does not change our need for comfort food. Did I mention that Beth had the sniffles and I had a fever while recording this? I mean…What could go wrong? Nothing. We’re total professionals. 😉

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The So…Let’s Hang Out Podcast// Episode 007: Pizza Pits & Doppeldads

You guys!! We’re back on the air this week, talking about all the things you probably don’t need to know, and maybe a a few things you do. But, before I dive into the notes, this is the part where I ask you oh so kindly if you’ll do us a solid and rate us or write us a quick review on iTunes. We’d be forever grateful. Seriously. Like, if we had one of those fancy walls where we write people’s names who are important, we’d write your name on it. […]