The So…Let’s Hang Out Podcast // Episode 002– Stranger Danger

Oh, man. It’s Episode TWO of The So…Let’s Hang Out Podcast!! We totally got approved by iTunes. We’re pretty much professionals at this point. Or, totally not at all. Probably that one. But, if you want to help us out and give us a rating or review on iTunes, you would totally be helping us with our professional status. If you wanna hit that subscribe button? Even better. You’re the best. Below you’ll find the show notes for this episode! […]

The So…Let’s Hang Out Podcast // Episode 001 — First Times

You guys! I am both buzzing with excitement, and anxious enough to pee my pants a lil’. Because, WHOOPS… I totally started a podcast with one of my best buds, Beth of Tasty Yummies. Welcome to The So…Let’s Hang Out Podcast, folks!  If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like if we decided to hang out in real life, this is kinda it. I’d consider this in the category of “Easy Listening”– but, there’s 99% less Kenny G (you’ll have to listen to this episode to get that 1%). In general, we will be talking about real life, food, love, garbage television, more real life, trends, more real life, gluten free living, and a myriad of other topics that get slightly awkward. Think of it as listening in on a conversation between best friends who just happen to be gluten-free. Just… ya know… hanging out. Now, with that haphazard intro, I give you the show notes for Episode One. I hope you enjoy!

You can listen to the file below, or find us on iTunes! […]