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Hey Lovelies!

One of the best parts about blogging is building a community.  I truly love hearing from all of you.  You are the bees knees.  Thanks for reading.

You can contact me at

soletshangout (at) gmail (dot) com

Gina @ So Let's Hang Out . com

Talk to you soon, Friends!


21 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. I think your recipes look flippin’ amazing! Broccoli fritters and dipping sauce?? Did you really come up with that? I can’t wait to try it. Good job, you! I added your blog to mine so that I can keep tabs on you (CREEPY!) (I have a blog too). Mine is mainly about my little bear, other family stuff, gardening, and the fact that I am fairly crunchy. I am super glad to have found yours, though– Woot!

    Please keep the genius veggie recipes coming.

    • Hi Jenny! Creep away ;) Thanks so much for stopping by and dropping me a lovely comment. I am going to go check your blog out exactly now. xo

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  3. Hi there!I just stumbled across your blog on the world wide web ;O and i absolutely love the way you blog! So full of life and happy things! So keep up the amazing blog! You got yourself a new follower!

  4. Such a treat to find your blog today! I’ve pinned about a dozen of your recipes and made three of them just today! Love love love :-)

  5. your recipes look amazing and I’m so looking forward to trying them ! my husband has a terrible time sleeping, so you say that the Morning Mojito will help with his sleeping? Is that correct?

  6. My hubby found your raspberry and goat cheese tartlets recipe and emailed it to me. His idea of a big hint. I don’t have plain yogurt but I do have milk kefir which is much runnier than yogurt. Can I substitute this and maybe add an extra egg? I’m not very daring in the kitchen so I try to seek advise before I end up with a big ‘ol mess of honey kefir soup.

  7. Hi there,

    I’d love to personally invite you to contribute your favourite savoury Paleo recipe to the Paleo Potluck App.

    The Paleo Potluck is a fresh and easy to use recipe App featuring Paleo recipes submitted by well known bloggers, recipe creators, wellness ambassadors, chefs and paleo foodies. Recipes are constantly being added each week.

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    It’s completely fine if you don’t follow or promote 100% strict paleo guidelines on your blog as long as the recipe(s) you submit don’t contain grain, refined sugars, legumes or dairy :)

    Each recipe contains a prominent link to the owners website as well as an instagram link and follow button, so you’re exposing your recipe and links to an uncapped worldwide audience as well as joining a fantastic group of like minded collaborators such as George Bryant from, Alison Morgan from, and Adriana Harlan from plus many more.

    If you’re interested, please submit recipes on this form as soon as possible: The app will be offline for the next few days while we fill it with savoury content but you can view more on our instagram account @thepaleopotluck

    I hope to see your recipes pop through or hear from you soon.

    Jessie Cawte

  8. Hi Gina
    Love your blog it’s so refreshing to find something a bit different! Came here on advice from Mel of Well Fed. I’d so appreciate it if you could spare moment to give me some advice. I am wanting to set up blog that will work well computer and phone formats. Blog is going to be wellness / family theme (ie broader than just food) and I am bit lost as to which theme to use and how to get it all syncing with Instagram and facebook. Do you recc a theme and/or company to help? Thanks so much. Claire x

  9. Hi Gina, What fun to see you write about my chocolate chip pancakes! Rosa sent me your writeup. You look terrific. I now live in Novato with my fiancé and am getting married in May on my 70th birthday – a fun thing to be doing. I’m a therapist in downtown SF. I read your pancake writeup to my fiancé and I now have to make him chocolate chip pancakes – I haven’t made them in years. Thanks for remembering them. Nancy (Rosa’s Mom)

    • Nancy! This made me smile! Aw, how fantastic! Congrats on your upcoming wedding. You certainly have to bust out your pancakes for your soon to be hubby. They are clearly legendary! :) xox

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