Apricot & Spice Infused Bourbon

Few things say “Holllliiidaaaayyyy… Cellllleeeebrrraaaaate” to me more than shoving a bunch of fruit and spices into booze to make even FANCIER booze. We’ve done it before with this Apple & Cinnamon Bourbon, with which we’ve expertly crafted these Hot Toddies. But, now we’re delving into the world of dried apricots and ginger and other spicy spices. It’s a good place to be. It’s going to make one FANCY jar of booze-juice. Like, people should be excited if you’re their secret Santa. I mean… what would you rather have? A ten dollar gift certificate to Starbucks or a nice little bottle of home-infused boozy cheer?! If you said Starbucks, I don’t hate you… but, I’m not, like, totally into you right now. We can make up later. Here, have some of my legendary peace-making Vegan Chocolate Pudding. Better? Good. Now, let’s get infusing.  […]

DIY Sugar Cookie Foot Scrub | A Valentine To Yourself

I was blessed with a lot of things. I have a great family and a wonderful husband. I live in a beautiful part of the world. My friends are the coolest and usually laugh at my jokes. I feel fortunate. However, one thing I wasn’t blessed with was pretty feet.
I was made aware of this fact when my Hawaiian grandfather looked down and my flat, calloused, chubby-toed footsies, and then looked at his equally flat, calloused and chubby-toed footsies. He smiled at me and said “Look at those Hawaiian feet! You got cute feet. They look just like mine!”  It was true. They did. Uh oh. Maybe I just needed a fresh coat of polish.
Later in life, someone (my mother) would tell me that every time they heard Jack Johnson’s song “Bubbly Toes” on the radio they thought of me. Cute. Is this because my big toes actually have fat rolls? Perhaps, yes.
Even later in life I would try to snuggle in bed with my husband and he would gingerly tell me “Honey, do you want to go get a pedicure? I will go with you.”  This is his polite way of telling me that I had hooves, and it totally hurts to snuggle with someone who has hooves. […]

Apple Cinnamon Whiskey | Musings From A Birthday Girl Mess

This is the whiskey that turns a non-whiskey drinker into a friendly, sloppy, whiskey-filled birthday girl mess.

It is delicious.

You’ll think it’s good enough to drink by the half glass. Don’t bother with what your mother taught you…that whole “Stick with one kind of liquor” nonsense. What does she know? You are twenty-eight now. Total grown-up. You can make decisions. When your girlfriend asks you to have a Skinny Girl Margarita with her, you do it. It’s your freaking’ birthday, right? So what if you switch from tequila to vodka? That should be fine. You are twenty-eight. You know what you are doing. Not your first rodeo.  So what if you’re not a big drinker? You just want to play Dance Central and show off some moves.

How do I know all this? I might have been this birthday girl (yup).

Flash forward to the next morning. […]