I got ballsy.

I juiced a cabbage.

If you had told me last year that I would be juicing pretty much anything and everything, I would have told you to back off and stop making weird predictions. Also, out of all the things you could predict with your psychic gift, you should give me something juicier than becoming a juicer. Maybe tell me that I am coming into a fortune, or that I will have really great hair for all of 2013. Tell me that my dog will be perfectly trained and stop trying to gorge herself on the cat-box  Tell me that Pajama Jeans are now finally in fashion for reals and I should really just woman-up and buy them. I would welcome any of these predictions.

I am constantly doing highly scientific research google searching new vegetables and fruits to juice according to their benefit on the body. It turns out red cabbage is really good for you. It is packed with vitamin A , C and vitamin E, which helps boost your immunity! Who else has been feeling this pesky cold and flu season? I feel like I am perpetually on the precipice of getting sick. We need all the help we can get. If it takes juicing a cabbage, I am so on board.

I will not lie to you (do I ever?), I was expecting this juice to be funky. You have smelled cabbage. It smells sulfurous. People usually shred it into salads or drench it in mayo to make a slaw. I was just going to extract this sulfurous juice and pour it down my gullet. There would be no mayonnaise or no flavor-concealing, Asian-inspired salad dressings.  I braced myself and just bit the bullet. Anything for vitamins. Down the hatch it went.

Turns out I was just being a real drama queen. Not only is this juice pretty (I mean, look at that color! BAM!) It is totally delicious. I should really stop being such a baby.

Here is your cast of characters for this killer cabbage juice:


This recipe will make about a pint and a half of liquid love.


1 large English cucumber, peeled

1/2 of a medium red cabbage

1-2 D’Anjou pears

2 meyer lemons

1 inch piece of ginger

Wash, prep, cut into manageable juice-able pieces and send them all down your juicer.

Bottle the juice up in airtight containers or better yet enjoy it right away! Don’t wait more than 48 hours to enjoy your fresh juice!

Have a great day, Friends! xo

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