Honeydew, Mint & Cucumber Popsicles

There are times in life when it seems best not to open your eyes.

Perhaps you’re scared that if you open your eyes you’re going to see something that you simply can’t un-see. Life might change a little. An awkward moment might ignite into a full on fiasco. You’ll want to close those eyes back up, and shut them up tight with all of your feelings. Or, there are just moments where you wish you could turn off at least one of your senses. File this under the category of growing up living in a room that happened to be oriented just below the bedroom of my parents who were very much in love. Or, wanting to be suddenly struck blind upon accidentally walking into what would be considered a “key party” between much older consenting adults in a dear friend’s hot tub. These are the more unfortunate days of our lives. These are the moments where you wish for the opposite of super powers. Like, instead of “Girl with X-ray Vision” you’d simply be glad to exist as “Girl with No Eyes, Ears, or Gag Reflex”. […]

Roasted Kale Sprouts, Apricots & Bacon

It’s a sweaty August afternoon. And, yeah. You guessed it. I’m sweating.

I’m sitting here writing to you with an aggressive amount of coconut oil in my hair, dishes in my sink, and wearing last night’s pajamas. I really overshot things in the attempt to give my recently colored hair a much needed coconut oil moisture mask. Like, I can feel oil dripping down the sides of my face, and maybe down my back. I’ve tucked paper towels into the front of my sports bra in order to make a bib to catch the drippings. This is real life, my friends. This is real life. At any moment I could be mauled with an enthusiastic Golden Retriever tongue bath. Emma likes coconut oil a lot… so, I’m trying to type quietly as not to wake her from her power nap. My hair could become her afternoon snack. So, shhhhh. She’s dreaming little doggy dreams, her legs moving wildly trying to chase things. I wonder if she smells the oil. I wonder if she’s chasing me. Yikes! […]

The So…Let’s Hang Out Podcast // Episode 006 : Gone Catfishin’

Oh, hey guys! We’re back with a brand new episode of The So…Let’s Hang Out Podcast! I really hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoy making them. You can find us easily on iTunes! Hit subscribe to have new episodes download automatically. This way you won’t miss a beat. Also, if you’d like to help us out and leave a quick rating or review we’d REALLY appreciate it!! xoxox […]

Roasted Strawberry & Vanilla Coconut Milk Ice Cream {Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free, Date Sweetened, Paleo}

Okay. I admit the name of this recipe is long, complicated, and lacking a certain amount of finesse. I’m with you.

What would it be like if we named recipes like we named nail polish? Everything would be fun and flirty. Like, I could get away with calling this ice cream something like “Strawberry Pantie Dropper” or “Moist Vanilla Dreams” or maybe just “Kotex”. This seems slightly far fetched, but I honestly have a blush in my makeup kit called “Orgasm”. So, this isn’t too far off base. Have you ever written a paragraph that is 99% regrettable. Because, this one.  […]

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