Papa Lou’s Famous Italian Stuffing {Grain-Free + Gluten-Free + Paleo}

In my house, Thanksgiving is all about the stuffing.We’re not talking that sad Stove Top cornbread stuff with mushy pieces of lackluster veggies. We’re talking my Dad’s famous stuffing– the kind of stuffing that is made with savory hunks of Italian sausage, mushrooms, celery, and flavored with an umami bomb of chicken stock, and the brine-y juices leftover in a can of olives. Oh, and butter. All the butter. […]

The So…Let’s Hang Out Podcast// Episode 008: Disaster Date

Hey, Friends! Beth and I are back to chat about all things fall, a date gone horribly wrong, what happens when mercury goes into retrograde, and how we’re both sweating while trying to use pumpkin pie spice. Fall has not been cold in California, but that does not change our need for comfort food. Did I mention that Beth had the sniffles and I had a fever while recording this? I mean…What could go wrong? Nothing. We’re total professionals. 😉

Don’t forget to find us on iTunes, where you can easily subscribe and download these episodes to your desired listening device. If you’re enjoying to podcast, and would be so kind as to leave us a review, we’d really appreciate it. Thanks so much to all of you for listening, and those of you who have taken the time to rate us and write to us and all the things. We love hearing from you! xox […]

Grain-Free Apple Crumble Pumpkin Pie

I’m going to level with you. I had a fever when I created this pie.

Not in the dramatic “I have an insatiable fever and the only cure is pie” kind of way, and not in the overtly-sexy “you give me fever” jazz-standard kind of way. But, rather the “I’m cold sweating, and this thermometer tells me I’m NOT actually cold on the inside” kind of way. Things aren’t generally awesome when you’re sporting a fever. Shivering happens. Clammy-face happens. Your husband might come home from work to find you laying on the couch, wearing nothing but a long sleeve shirt with an ice pack stuffed into your bra. Who needs pants when you’ve got long sleeves? Using fever logic, the answer to that question is NO ONE. Or, maybe it’s seven. I’m not sure. Basically, things don’t make sense. […]

Dad’s Favorite Spicy Sausage Soup with Kale

I spent eight years of my life in Los Angeles going to college, falling in love, and enacting all of the insecure “what do I want to do with my life?!” agony that a young twenty-something faces. After college I went to school for make-up artistry in Burbank, and spent lots of days in a hot room with other girls who liked lipstick. We learned how to do makeup for every occasion, and then we learned how to make realistic bullet holes and third degree burns. I worked as a photographer, taking head-shots of other insecure twenty-somethings trying to make it in Hollywood. I worked as a teacher. That was my favorite job. Kids are never boring. Ever. […]

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