Wilted Kale & Coconut Salad


If you are anything like me, you most likely took a fork to the brownie pan yesterday.

You were amped. There was a sugar-mania in which you scrubbed your shower and your entire bathroom area. Jeez, you are efficient! You started laundry. By the time the dryer beeped you developed a case of what I like to refer to as “the sugar sweats.” Your feverish mania starts to break. You start to crash. Things get real. You need a nap. You know you did it to yourself. Those brownies deserved it. It’s the holidays. You take the laundry out. You start by folding all the towels. Gosh, that laundry is warm. Maybe you will just lay in it for a minute. You wake up thirty minutes later in a pile of clean laundry. Your cat is on your chest, looking pleased with herself. You realize you left your puppy in the living room with your Christmas tree…oy.

If you are anything like me, today you need to eat a whole bunch of kale and drink a whole bunch of water. […]

So…Thanksgiving Happened | A Pie Recovery Salad

So…Thanksgiving happened.

Like most years it started off with my early day mantra of “I’m so not going to overeat this year”.  Fast forward to 6pm.  I am breathing heavily with a case of the ham sweats. Fast forward even further to 10pm. I am sitting at home eating my second piece of leftover cake.  It got real. The big sweatpants came out.

The next morning I had gluten-free stuffing and eggs.  Later that evening my husband threw me a birthday party where I decided it would be wise to stuff my face with tortilla chips and spinach dip and then drink like I was peg-legged sailor. Super real. Did I mention there was a dark chocolate and peanut butter cup gluten-free masterpiece of a cake AND creme brulee? I totally ate both. […]

Butternut Squash and Roasted Grape Salad

I let myself loose in the farmers market this past weekend.  It’s a dangerous thing to do.  I always want everything.  There is just so much bounty there.  You want squash?  They have every kind.  Fruit? Don’t even get me started.  Three bunches of hearty greens for four dollars?  YUP.  SOLD.  I strategically avoid the areas where they sell the meat and fancy cheeses, because that could be a problem for me. They are deliciously pricey.  I want them.  All of them. There is also an area where I only let myself go occasionally that sells goat milk ice cream and a booth that sells gluten free cinnamon coffee cake.  Obviously, I want those things too.  I am not shy.  I love food.

This time, I gave myself a budget of twenty bucks and it was off to the races.  We were done shopping when the money ran out.  We got a bunch of grapes, pomegranates, persimmons,beets, delicata squash,kale, chard, collards, some pickling cucumbers and some dill.  Oh, and I also treated myself to a gluten free crepe with bacon and tomatoes. ( I obviously did not strategically avoid that aisle hard enough.) The husband got some coffee.  We sat in the sun on that unseasonably warm Sunday and chatted it up with a good friend and her beautiful baby girl.  It was a lovely way to spend a morning. […]

Balela | A Recipe For Friendship


I made a new friend! *clicking heels* (Note: I can’t actually click my heels in real life.  I can, however,  high five enthusiastically and dance spastically to anything with a beat.  Salt N’ Pepa preferred.)

Making awesome new friends is a big deal.

When we were kids making friends was easy.  We were all thrown into a small space to learn things together.  We complimented each other’s slap bracelets or New Kids on The Block T-shirts and BAM, friendship.  Easy. We go to middle school and we all bond over boys and baby doll T-shirts and an intense love for the band TLC (maybe this was uniquely my experience, I won’t put that on you.  I WILL say that I subscribed to VIBE magazine for a suspiciously long amount of time.) We travel onto high school where it is more boys, tight pants, musical theater,  Cliffs Notes, and the notion that parents simply just don’t understand.  College comes around, and every one of us freshman is so freaked out that you have instant besties by day one.  It’s almost like you grab onto the first person you see (usually your roommate) and figuratively (or literally) hold hands and walk the mean halls together.  Of course, by the first week of college, you usually realize that you have made a rash decision by adhering yourself  onto the first person you came in contact with.  Maybe that person turns out to be selling drugs out of your dorm room closet.  Maybe they decide to cook very suspect and fragrant ethnic foods in the room using nothing but your rented microwave and a rice cooker.  But, no worries… everyone is on the hunt for new besties.  Your people are out there.   You find them. […]