Raw Kale Salad With Creamy Almond Dressing

I like kale. I like it in a salad. I like it in a quiche. I like it in my dip. I find ways to put it into most everything. Remember that Shepherd’s Pie we made? I totally kale-d you. I just made a verb out of kale, and although that might be taking things too far, we’re going to run with it. Prepare to be kale-d.
So, this salad was my attempt at trying to recreate a salad that I splurged on at a restaurant over the weekend. The original recipe had a creamy tahini and peanut dressing. Can we just talk about tahini for a moment? I like the taste of it. I can never remember to purchase it. EVER. This is the reason that I never make my own hummus, or if I do, it ends up tasting like it’s missing something. This would be because it IS missing something. It’s missing the tahini I can never remember to buy. EVERRRRRR. […]

Arugula Salad With Sausage And Strawberries | {Paleo Friendly & Gluten Free}

Have I taken it too far? I have put strawberries in very close proximity to your sausage and your caramelized onions. We have a bit of a sweet and savory situation.
You are either shaking your head at me and wondering things like “Why do they allow her to have a food blog?” OR you are intrigued. Thank you for your adventurous palate and inquisitive spirit, Friend. I dig you. Plus, is it really that crazy? I’ve seen crazier. I’ve made crazier. This afternoon I ate smoked salmon and blueberries together. Crazier.
I have always been a fan of the sweet and the salty together. My husband and I like to make a meal that we simply call “Sweet and Savory Toast”. This is not so much a meal as it is us, taking two slices of bread, toasting them, putting something like ham on one half and something like PB&J on the other half and eating them in quick succession. I am the kind of gal that would not shy away from putting bacon into your chocolate chip cookies. It just sounds good to me. I like sea salt on my chocolate. I know you do too, be straight with me. There is something about the salt that brings out the sweet, and vice versa. […]

Roasted Cauliflower Salad With Olives And Capers

Look-y here. I’ve managed to make you something that isn’t breakfast. I’ve apparently been on one serious breakfast-y kick. I’ve been turning out waffles, quiche, and smoothies galore. I point out the fact I’m bringing you something non-breakfast since I am pretty sure tomorrow (or at least soon) I am posting something breakfast-y. Sorry (not really).
So…yesterday got weird. Mostly because I’m me and can’t seem to stay off the internet no matter how terrifying it can be. I had a weird tingle in my leg, which I promptly Googled (bad move). Don’t do this, friends. Don’t Google every twinge or tingle or pain that happens in your body just because you can. I’ve been telling myself this for years, but I can’t seem to take my own advice. When you Google a symptom, no matter what your symptom is, it usually leads to “OMG, I AM DYING!!!” Since I was experiencing a weird leg tingle, the sage and soothing advice of the interweb made me believe that I was probably, most likely, right in the middle of a stroke. Things got dramatic. I started pacing back and forth, thinking “OMG. I am having a stroke. This is not good. This is extremely bad.” The dog looked at me suspiciously and without major concern. Aren’t dogs supposed to be sympathetic? Geez. […]

Kale & Brussels Sprout Caesar Salad

Here a short list of things that come to mind upon hearing the name “Caesar”:
1) Did I spell that correctly? Why does the A come before the E. Freaks me out every time.
2) I went to Waldorf elementary school. Our teacher was a wild story-teller. All of our history lessons would be told to us in magical life-like stories, and for this reason I remember most of what I learned there to this day. I still vividly remember him acting out Julius Caesar’s assassination and colorfully exclaiming “Et tu, Brute?” For this reason, when I am offered a Caesar salad, I find myself mumbling “Et tu, Brute?” to myself. Nope. Not awkward at all.  I might have also said that to a waiter once upon receiving my Caesar salad. He didn’t get it. Tough room.
3) Haircuts. Julius Caesar is depicted in many a statuette and paintings sporting a look that would later be brought back by the lead singer of the Backstreet Boys. Everybody…Rock your body.  Don’t believe me? Just google image search”Julius Caesar” and then google image search “Lead singer of the Backstreet Boys”.  BAM. Trendsetter. […]