Slow-Cooker Whole Chicken & Potatoes With Hard Cider Gravy {Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Paleo Friendly}

I have a new appreciation for “casual gravy”.

I used to think that gravy was only a thing to be made on fancy occasions. The kind of occasion where we set the table with the “wash by hand” dishes and then soil our almost-formal wear with bits of yams and stuffing. Hmm, clearly as I write this I’m excluding gravy as being used for one occasion: Thanksgiving. Pouring the drippings of the large bird into a pot and making it thick with some sort of roux; this was the whole of my gravy making experience. Fancy holiday gravy to be enjoyed on fancy holiday plates.

Also, just so you know, I once met a clown named Wavy Gravy, We sang some songs together… but, that my friends, in no way relates to edible gravy and is a tale for another day. But, on the scale of gravies, I would dub Wavy Gravy as casual. Just in case you are wondering. […]

How To Make Chicken Broth In A Crock Pot

I have a confession to make (I wonder how many blog posts I’ve started with that statement–I always feel like I’m confessing something here).

I haven’t always made good use of my leftover chicken bones.

In fact, I used to let my cat eat them (I think at least a hundred of you just unsubscribed from my blog–Uh oh). Well, not the actual bones, but the carcass. In college, my cat and I used to split a rotisserie chicken. This explanation isn’t making things any better is it? I feel like there is no way that I can not sound like a decidedly gross cat lady. To be fair, I was nineteen and lived alone with a slightly bossy (and always hungry) feline roommate. This isn’t making anything better. At all. I should probably erase this entire paragraph, but I shall leave it in the spirit of truth telling and friendship. […]

Tomato & Coconut Crock-Pot Chicken Curry With Delicata Squash & Kale {Gluten-Free & Paleo}

You guys. I just got back from vacation!

This body got out of the Bay Area and headed to a resort out in Carmel Valley. I spent three glorious days with my husband in celebration of our third wedding anniversary. It  was amazing.

There was a couples massage, breakfast in bed, sun-soaked naps after swims in the saltwater pool, more naps, lots of laughing, cocktails, wine, steak, and creme brule. We didn’t bring a computer. We put our feet in the sand, and our toes in the ocean. We honored our annual tradition of each writing a new set of vows, and reading them to each other someplace beautiful. This year it was on a hilltop that looked out at mountains. Despite it being acrazy and unexpected year, it’s in these moments together that I feel like the luckiest. Spilling the contents of our open hearts and holding hands (maybe with a side of light sobs–because, feelings). Gosh, I love this man of mine. This is getting mushy and wordy. I could write a whole post about this vacation. Maybe I will. You can see a few snaps of our trip on Instagram. […]

Soy & Ginger Crock-Pot Pork Ribs {Gluten-Free, Paleo Option}

Do you ever wander into the grocery store when you’re having a maniacal, carnivorous rampage?

Perhaps you wander over to the meat counter and pick out two very thick, very juicy, very pricey New York Steaks. Surely this is enough meat to quell your suspected protein deficiency. But, no. You glance over at the sale sign. You see full racks of ribs. You grab one and put it in your very full basket of meat. Did I mention that the only reason you meant to come into the store was to get a can of coconut milk? This is why you opted for the basket. One item. No biggie. Now you look down at a heavy basket brimming with steak and ribs (and ground beef, and chicken — I told you, it was a meat-spree). The check out clerk looks at you like you should be ashamed. He’s most likely vegan. The kind of dude that has carrots tattooed on his forearms. You like him. He asks if you’re having a party. You simply say “A party of two”. He gives you a very distinct look, communicating with garish certainty, “you’re going to die”. The only response to this in that moment is a very toothy grin. […]