How To Make Chicken Broth In A Crock Pot! | #chickenbroth #crockpot #paleo #primal #glutenfree #fromscratch #guthealting #jerf I have a confession to make (I wonder how many blog posts I’ve started with that statement–I always feel like I’m confessing something here).

I haven’t always made good use of my leftover chicken bones.

In fact, I used to let my cat eat them (I think at least a hundred of you just unsubscribed from my blog–Uh oh). Well, not the actual bones, but the carcass. In college, my cat and I used to split a rotisserie chicken. This explanation isn’t making things any better is it? I feel like there is no way that I can not sound like a decidedly gross cat lady. To be fair, I was nineteen and lived alone with a slightly bossy (and always hungry) feline roommate. This isn’t making anything better. At all. I should probably erase this entire paragraph, but I shall leave it in the spirit of truth telling and friendship.How To Make Chicken Broth In A Crock Pot! | #chickenbroth #crockpot #paleo #primal #glutenfree #fromscratch #guthealting #jerf But, as you can imagine… the girl who used to split a store bought rotisserie chicken with her cat while watching Sex In The City was not the type of girl to save the bones and make her own broth. She was more like the kind of girl who lived on Quiznos sandwiches and cheap vodka. Yeah, baby. We’ve come a long way. I wish I could go back and gift my nineteen year old self a crock pot. Oh, and maybe tell her to lay off the gluten. Also, wear crop tops. You’ll wish you had later. That crop top wearing season of life is short. Be naked. Love yourself. Stop eating full meals with your cat. Also, those jeans you just bought are kinda tacky. Oh, when you turn 21, you’re going to be tempted to mix liquor and beer–this won’t end well. But… seriously, use this crock pot. Make your own chicken broth. It’s easy. It’s good for you. The end.

Well, that was a serious digression. I will keep the rest of this post all informational and business-y.

You’re probably thinking “What’s so great about homemade broth anyway?” No prob. I’ll give you a short rundown.

Benefits of Bone Broth {The Short List}:

  • It’s Cost Effective: I’ve been known to shell out $4 to $5 a quart for organic broth. In this case, I bought a whole organic chicken for $15. I cooked it to serve four people. I then took the bones and made about three quarts of organic broth! So, something that would have originally cost me an additional $15 was made from the scraps of dinner!
  • It’s Nutrient Dense: It’s a great source of minerals! By preparing your bone broth this way you’re creating a great source to add more calcium, magnesium, phosphorous and other trace minerals into your diet.
  • It’s A Great Source of Proline & Glycine: Proline and Glycine are essential amino acids. Proline is helpful in maintaining healthy bones ligaments and joints and Glycine helps to detoxify your liver and aid in the production of the powerful antioxidant Glutothione.
  • It Helps Heal Your Gut: Ever heard of leaky gut syndrome? Bone broth is a great source of both gelatin and collagen which can be crucial players in restoring gut health. It’s also great for your joints, hair, nails, skin and bones. Want more gelatin in your broth? Add in a couple of chicken feet!

And, like I said… that’s just a short list.  Ready to get down to broth business? Cool.

Remember that Roasted Chicken that we made earlier this week? Don’t throw away the bones. It’s going to make amazing, cheap and nourishing chicken stock. In fact, you can make this stock with any ol’ leftover chicken carcass. It’s not particular. How To Make Chicken Broth In A Crock Pot! | #chickenbroth #crockpot #paleo #primal #glutenfree #fromscratch #guthealting #jerf Once you’re finished with your whole chicken, simply add the carcass and any remaining bones to your crock-pot.  Pour in a little apple cider vinegar –this is going to help leach more calcium out of the chicken bones which adds a lot of nutritional benefit to the broth. Add in some onions, garlic and veggies. Throw in some herbs to your liking. If I’ve roasted a chicken with veggies I might add the remainder of those into the pot as well. It all adds to the flavor. Fill the crock pot with water (so that it covers the bones). Put the lid on your crock pot and set it on low for 12-24 hours. I tend to like my broth a bit darker, so I allow to to cook overnight.How To Make Chicken Broth In A Crock Pot! | #chickenbroth #crockpot #paleo #primal #glutenfree #fromscratch #guthealting #jerf After simmering away all night this is what’s left waiting for you in the morning! A mineral rich chicken broth that’s ready to be strained and stored for use. I might have also just ladled a cup for sipping straight out of the slow cooker. What can I say? I’m an eager beaver.

How To Make Chicken Broth In A Crock Pot! | #chickenbroth #crockpot #paleo #primal #glutenfree #fromscratch #guthealting #jerf Once you strain your broth you can bottle it up in mason jars and refrigerate it for up to a week. If you can’t use it all up in that time, put it in freezer safe containers (if you’re using mason jars make sure they are FREEZER SAFE or they will crack and explode) and freeze the broth for up to six months.

Freeze homemade chicken broth into ice cubes for an easy addition while you're cooking!I also like to make little broth cubes. I pour the broth in a silicone mold (in this case in the shape of tiny people because…why not) and allow it to freeze solid. I then add them to a ziplock bag. This way if I need just a little bit of stock or want to heat a mug for sipping I don’t have to defrost a whole jar. I simply add a couple of these broth cubes to a pot or pan and it adds instant flavor!

How To Make Chicken Broth In A Crock Pot

There are tons of combinations when it comes to making chicken stock! Feel free to customize your recipe with veggies and herbs that you love! This is simply the recipe that is pictured above. Happy broth making!


  • Bones of 1 whole roasted chicken (such as this one)
  • scant 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar
  • 1 onion, chopped
  • 6 cloves of garlic, peeled
  • 5 stalks of celery, chopped
  • 5 carrots, chopped
  • 1 bushel of parsley
  • Water, enough to cover bones


  1. Place the bones of the roasted chicken into the bottom of your crock pot. Pour the apple cider vinegar over the chicken carcass. Add in the rest of the veggies and herbs. Fill the crock pot up with enough water to cover the bones and veggies. Put the lid on your crock pot and set it to low. Allow it to simmer on low for 12-24 hours.
  2. Once the chicken broth is done unplug your crock pot and allow to cool slightly before handling. Once it's cooled a bit, strain the broth through a fine mesh strainer in order to remove all of the chunks. Push down on the veggies and bones in order to get any remaining broth out of them.This should leave just a rich golden broth behind.
  3. Bottle up your broth into airtight containers such as mason jars. Allow the jars to cool completely before putting them into the refrigerator. Your broth will keep for about a week this way. If you want your broth to last longer, you may freeze it in FREEZER SAFE mason jars. You can also freeze it into ice cubes for quick and easy use. Simply store the ice cubes in a ziplock bag and add them as needed while cooking for some quick flavor. Stock should last frozen in your freezer for six months.


Note: I am not a medical professional or a health practitioner. I am simply sharing things from my own experience and my own research on these topics. If you need medical attention please seek advice from a medical practitioner! Thanks. 🙂

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