It’s raining.  It’s cold.

I’ve spoiled myself with one of those salted-caramel hot chocolates and am on the sleepy-side of a sugar coma. Both of the pets are sleeping. It’s a stormy weather sleep-fest in here.

Look at those party animals.

I am indoors under a blanket wearing a very comfortable yet unfortunate pair of Ugg-style boots that have cats all over them.

Not only are there cats on these boots, but these cats appear to be in Paris. They are wearing hats and make-up, and having tea by the Eiffel Tower. Those are some cultured felines. Are you judging me right now? Maybe you should be. I will tell you though, that if you slipped these unique gems on your footsies, you would get it. They are insanely comfortable. Fluffy and warm. It’s like walking around with cat-clad pillows on your feet.

I will make this more comfortable for you by telling you that these have become solely indoor shoes. Was there a time I wore them out?  Yes.  Yes, there was.  Fashion risk-taking (they can’t all be wins, right?) I will also tell you that when I was teaching in a kindergarten classroom they were a very huge hit. My fashion audience was different then, and they thought I pretty much ruled. These boots once inspired a make-believe game between a couple of five-year old girls called  “French Cats.”  In this game you are a cat living in France who gets to carry a purse and be fancy. You have a fancy French cat tail you get to swing around. You live in a fancy French house made out of silk cloth and clothes pins.  It’s the classiest of role play.

By the time my husband comes home at night, the boots are almost always on.  I will be wearing a seemingly respectable outfit on top. Maybe a sweater and a black pair of pants and then on bottom it is just an all-bets-are-off-fiesta. CAT BOOTS!! Poor husband. My evening time wardrobe is the fashion equivalent of a mullet. Business on top, party on the bottom.

You are probably curious now.  Most of my friends have seen these bad boys. Either I will get cold and slip them on, or you have known me long enough to see me be a brave, fashion-fail foot soldier and wear them out of the confines of my own home. I will show them to you.

Fancy. Warm. Unapologetic in their pinkness.

Did I mention that I got a two hours too early visit from a City Inspector today in order to approve our new water heater?  He got to see these boots.  Also, I had peanut butter on my face and mascara under my eyes.  There was an unfortunate baggy sweatpants situation going on as well.  Real life.

That is basically all, friends.  This seems to be all I can get myself together enough to do today.  Drawing a picture of a sad little cloud and drinking hot cocoa in questionable footwear. Maybe send the occasional g-chat message to my friend about the floral print pants that I will not be purchasing this season, or the chair made of sticks that they are selling at Anthro that seems to be going for around $10k. Holy cannoli.  I will continue looking for good memes with angry looking cats or dogs wearing sweat suits. That is what this stormy weather seems to be all about today.

Tomorrow is another day.  🙂

Keep cozy, my friends.

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