Grain-Free Lemon Vanilla Cookies

It’s Monday. I’m tired from Weekending. Yes, this is totally a thing.

You know how people are always like “I need a vacation from my vacation –wahhhhhh!!”? Because that’s a thing that people always say (myself included–wahhhhhh!). Well, I propose that we start needing weekends from our weekends. This will make us professional weekenders. And, I’m all about learning more professional skills. Imagine your new resume! Under your special skills you could put things like: Typing, Excel & Weekending. I wouldn’t call myself an expert on corporate business strategies, but I’m pretty sure your new boss would be thrilled to see that one of your core skills is blindly looking forward to Fridays. I think it, simply put, makes you a forward thinker. They’re into that stuff, right? I don’t know. Maybe I should just stick to things that I actually know–like, how Mondays are most certainly for cookies. Yes, that’s my final answer.  […]

Dark Chocolate Dipped Peanut Butter Cookies {Gluten-Free}

If there was ever a confectionery love story to be told on the silver screen, it is that of peanut butter and chocolate. […]

Bacon & Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies {Gluten-Free}

To say you don’t like cookies, would be like saying you don’t like happiness. Or puppies. Or air to breathe. Sure, there’s probably a variety of cookie you may avoid due to preference, allergies, or dietary restrictions – but who the heck doesn’t like the idea of a cookie?

I LOVE cookies.When I was young, we used to buy a big tub of cookie dough at Costco, which my brother and I would attack with a spoon (salmonella be damned!). I used to take a to-go box from my college cafeteria, and fill the entire thing with fresh-baked cookies. I’d go so far as to say that most of life’s problems can be calmed with a fresh-baked chocolate chip cookie and a glass of milk (or almond milk in the case of my early-30’s, late-onset lactose intolerance). There’s a great scene in the film Stranger Than Fiction that covers this idea.

Somehow I am not obese.


Giant Sunbutter & Chocolate Chunk Cookies {Gluten-Free & Paleo}

After a week of intense recipe failures one needs to bake cookies.

I think this is a rule. It feels like it should be a rule. Let’s call it a rule.

In between my lemon bar attempt and operation “OMG, is that supposed to be gnocchi!? “, I managed to get something right. I put some sunflower seeds into a food processor and  made some nut butter. I combined it with almond butter. The two did a happy dance. I added in large chunks of dark chocolate, and decided that these cookies should be GIANTS. Instead of making a recipe that would yield a sensible dozen, I decided to instead make you six cookies. Big cookies. Forget about your kitchen failures cookies. Are you surprised that I didn’t just make one big cookie and take a fork to it? Yeah, me too. […]