Grain-Free Banana Walnut Cake

Grain-Free Banana Walnut Cake |

On Saturday morning I woke up in a funk. Before my feet even hit the floor I was angry and sullen. It was as if waking up tipped me into a full blown state of overwhelm. My mind raced and I just lay there with flashes of to-do lists and goals and problems and ideas washing over me at warp speed. It was like an internet screen with ALL the tabs open was living right underneath my eyeballs. Continue reading

Grain-Free Banana Cranberry & Lemon Breakfast Cake


Grain-Free Banana Cranberry & Lemon Breakfast Cake |

Hello. My name is Gina, and I am a banana hoarder.

Send help.

You might be wondering, how does one identify themselves as such? Sure you’ve watched those shows where people collect newspapers and trinkets and hundreds of cats, but banana hoarding has yet to be seen as mainstream. I get it. So, let’s just say there comes a point in time when you open up your freezer in order to stash away this week’s leftover banana bounty, only to realize there is legitimately no more room due to your already overwhelming collection of frozen bananas. My husband is confused. We discussed this a little bit the last time I made you banana bread. I’ve since stopped letting my bananas rot in the dark corners of my kitchen counters and have instead moved on to extreme hoarding behaviors. You tell me which one is better. I’m just not completely sure. Continue reading

Red Wine-Braised Short Ribs

Red Wine Braised Short Ribs //

Christmas is in six days.

But, we’re not going to talk about it.

Instead, we’re going to discuss how Hawaiians measure things. Later we will segue into how the only thing to do is to eat these short ribs for breakfast, lunch and dinner and then again for breakfast. Buckle up.

Over Thanksgiving my family came to stay with us. It was great. Things only became greater when my Mom decided to make her short ribs. I’m not one to turn down an offer when there are tender chunks of beef involved. We’ve discussed it before… but, steak is truly my power animal. Continue reading

Gluten-Free Christmas Cookie Exchange!


It’s officially one week ’til Christmas. Whoa.

So, as I sit here frantically ordering Christmas presents on Amazon and trying to figure out who is going to puppy-sit my crazy dog when we go out of town next week, I thought it would be best if we eased some of the frenetic energy with COOKIES. Lots of cookies. I have some pretty talented cookie loving blogger friends. We’ve got you covered.  Continue reading

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