Probiotic Mango Lassi Smoothie

Gut reactions. Let’s talk about them.
For instance, my gut reaction when ending a phone conversation is to say “I love you.” This bodes well most of the time since my most frequent phone convos happen between myself and my husband or my mother or my best friend. But, this can prove awkward when trying to end a call with a telemarketer. It might go something like this: “No. I don’t want to take your survey. Please take me off your list. Okay. I love you. Bye.”  Ugh. There it goes, just flying out of my mouth. Do you want to know how many preliminary job interviews or business phone calls I’ve almost ended that way? All of them. I kid you not. I literally start pre-panicking in my head about five minutes before the end of a business conversation and mentally prep myself to not automatically spew my misplaced affections all over the person on the other end of the line. […]

Super Green Apple Juice

Oh, look. Green juice.
You saw this coming, didn’t you?
My body is into it. After cookie-ing and booze-ing and making the world’s cheesiest mac and cheese for Christmas dinner, it just feels like a solid move to open up my fridge and cram all of the vegetables I can muster into a quart of super-charged green juice. It feels Popeye-esque. I halfway expect to drink this jug o’ juice, spawn some serious triceps, and punch the day in the face with awesome force.
In other words, it feels good. It feels like a proper New Year reset button. I might have not spawned immediate Popeye triceps, but I totally got out of the yoga pants I’ve been living in, put on a decent looking adult human sweater and slapped some mascara on my eyelashes. Oh, and there is a bra and it is on my body. Are we not supposed to talk about bras? I don’t remember the rules. Things are moving in the right direction. I’m officially recovering from the sloth-ity that was my holiday vacation. I’m nearly ready to sit down and do some intention setting for this year. Maybe I will even do a post about it in order to keep myself accountable. Things become progressively more real once you put them out into the world… or in my case, the entire interweb. Yikes. […]

The Minted Pear | A Green Juice Recipe

Are you looking at the title of this post and thinking, “Whoa. Did you just name that green juice like one would name a cocktail?” Yes. The answer is yes. I thought it would make green juice fun and flirty. It was either Kale, Pears, Mint n’ Stuff or The Minted Pear. I stand by my choice. We deserve to make our green juice fancy.  Pinkies up, yo.

Alright, so last week was off the chain. I feel like I got hit by a birthday bus. How are you guys doing? You good? Did you make any of those donuts yet? Oh, lawdy! Those things are crazy good. Go make those and then come back here and make this. The two go hand in hand. You’ll get it. This stuff is good for an “okay, maybe that fourth donut was a bit much” hangover. I should know… I drank and entire quart of it. Not kidding. It goes down real easy. […]

Pumpkin Spice Cashew Milk {Gluten-Free, Vegan & Paleo}

The last time I made you nut milk, I made a lot of really bad jokes. I can’t help myself. I’m the girl that still chuckles at the word “nuts”. Nice to meet you. If you add the word” milk” after the word “nut”, I cannot keep a straight face. I’ve tossed around a few other title ideas such as “nut juice” or “creme de nuts” or “sexy pumpkin’ nut juice”. Oh, Lawdy. This is not getting any better. It’s getting much, much worse.  I will try to contain myself this post, but really… I make you no promises. It’s already gone to a strange place. My writing brain has kind of gone off the rails this week. Need I direct you to this Killer Pumpkin Granola post where I used shoddy storytelling to personify Pumpkin Pie Spice and her elicit (yet tender) love affair with Pumpkin Puree? Spoiler alert— they end up getting married in a ceremony performed by their mutual friend, Oats. Weird. So weird. […]