Slow-Cooker Chicken & Pumpkin Curry With Apple, Sweet Potatoes & Spinach | #glutenfree #paleo #primal #crockpot #slowcooker #curryMy crock-pot has been seeing a lot of action this fall. We’ve made a WHOLE chicken smothered with hard cider gravy. We’ve made these Soy & Ginger Ribs. I showed you how to use your crock-pot to make your very own chicken broth from scratch. Heck, we’ve even curry-ed in a hurry before.  Needless to say, I consider this appliance my friend. Except for that one time that it overcooked a pot roast to the point of inedibility. That night it wasn’t my friend. But, like… every other time. We’re friendly. Like, if it was a person, we’d probably have matching outfits and stay up late braiding each other’s hair. Something like that.

But, I do not carry the anytime-anywhere-crock-pot-enthusiasm with all things. For example: Pumpkin Season. Now, before you all gather your pitchforks, form a mob and chase me out of the village, let me say that I do enjoy a good pumpkin pie orpumpkin tart. I am not a heartless hater of autumn. That’s not what it’s about. I am, however, hesitant when the seasons start to change. Call it a “fear of change” if you must. By early September the internet is buzzing with PUMPKIN. The winds of change start to roll on in.  It’s like people are loading up cannons of squash and launching these exploding squash cannons all over my Pinterest feed. I need time to warm up to things. To dip my toe in. So, this year I took it easy and started slow with this savory pumpkin curry. I wasn’t ready for pie yet. Even though I posted pie before I posted this. See? Blogging is confusing. Just like pumpkin season.

Slow-Cooker Chicken & Pumpkin Curry With Apple, Sweet Potatoes & Spinach | #glutenfree #paleo #primal #crockpot #slowcooker #curry

So, in an attempt to chuck my fall confusion and get in the spirit of things, I put a bunch of autumnal goodness in a slow cooker with some curry and things. By the end of my workday the house smelled amazing, and I was successfully wooed into pumpkin-ing. Woo hoo! Just try to be grumpy about fall after having a big bowl of this curry. I kind-a sort-a dare you. Slow-Cooker Chicken & Pumpkin Curry With Apple, Sweet Potatoes & Spinach | #glutenfree #paleo #primal #crockpot #slowcooker #curry

So, I guess… sometimes change is good. I’ll stop resisting.  I’m pumpkin ready. How about you?

Slow-Cooker Chicken & Pumpkin Curry With Apple, Sweet Potatoes & Spinach {Gluten-Free & Paleo}



  1. Place the chicken thighs at the bottom of your crock pot with the chopped onions, apples and sweet potatoes.
  2. In a medium sized mixing bowl combine together the coconut sugar along with all of your spices and whisk until everything is combined. Add in the can of coconut milk and the pumpkin puree and whisk together again until everything is smooth. It should look like a sauce. There shouldn't be any chunks.
  3. Pour this sauce over your chicken mixture in your crock pot and stir a bit so that the chicken is fully coated.
  4. Turn on the crock pot and allow it to cook for six hours on low or four hours on high.
  5. Add the spinach in during the last 30 minutes of cooking.
  6. Serve over rice, cauliflower rice or steamed veggies. It can also be eaten as is. You can't go wrong. Enjoy!


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