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Leek and Asparagus Quiche With Almond Meal Crust

What have I always said is the most important thing?
Wait… did you say bears? You probably said bears. Nope. It’s breakfast (tied with bears). So, maybe I really miss Arrested Development already. Did you have a chance to watch the entire fourth season? We knocked that out in a couple of days. Now I want more and immediately would be best. 
We totally don’t have more episodes, but we DO have a recipe for breakfast. Important. I wish we had a recipe for brunch with bears. I could totally share my eggs with a couple of Grizzlies. I guess this is called “camping”, and the bears are usually discourteous party-crashers that would love to snack on your femurs with club sauce. Real. This daydream just got 100% more terrifying. Moving on… […]

Roasted Cabbage With Almond Sesame Sauce & Herbs + The 21 Day Sugar Detox Recap {Week One}

So, I’m kind of in the middle of a breakup.

About ten days ago, I decided to breakup with sugar. After making (and eating) some of the world’s most delicious grain-free brownies (yes, don’t get weird on me–I’ll still share that recipe with you), I started noticing some things were going on in my body. My joints hurt almost immediately. My anxiety spiked. I felt bad, and generally hungover the next day. But, that didn’t stop my cravings. I wanted another brownie. I wanted a chocolate bar. I wanted a pint of ice cream. This felt like new territory for me. I’ve never been much of a sweets monster. I usually opt for the savory things in life. Steak is my power food. I choose crispy chicken skin over cake. That’s just how I roll. But, recently I began this spiral of chasing my savory meals with a sweet treat. It was a like a switch flipped in my brain upon meal completion, begging for a little bit of sweet sugary crack.  After compulsively eating more brownies than one should, I not only felt achy and anxious, but I started to feel out of control. At this point, I ordered The 21 Day Sugar Detox, by Diane Sanfilippo. It was time to call in reinforcements. […]

Grain-Free Stone Fruit Cobbler with Lime Coconut Cream + A Giveaway from California Almonds! #SoLetsPigOut

It’s day four of the #SoLetsPigOut Potluck and we’re dishin’ up dessert like it’s our job. Oh wait… it kind of is our job. We have pretty cool jobs.

Perhaps you’ve been following along this week (yay-welcome back!). For those of you who are just now joining us, let me catch you up. This week I teamed up with my friend Emily of The Pig & Quill to celebrate summer with a virtual potluck. We’ve brought you original co-created recipes all week, along with tons of fun giveaways. Tomorrow 20+ friends will join in on the fun and will be posting all of the summer potluck inspiration you may ever need! We’ll be linking you up to so many tasty treats across the web, you might not know what to do with yourself. Or, you might just have to host your own real-life-in-person potluck so that you can cook all of these noms for yourself. Or, cook all the noms just for yourself and call it a “personal potluck”. It’s like a personal pan pizza, but with a lot more food. Wear something stretchy. […]

Orange Almond Skillet Cake {Gluten-Free}

In this past year and some months, it’s become increasingly clear the cure for writer’s block is baking a cake…or cookies. Heck, maybe even some scones. Oh, and one time this Shepherds Pie.
Okay, it cures more than just writer’s block. It helps that stuck feeling. That “I have so many things I should be doing—but I can’t seem to process it all, so, what now?” feeling. That “I’ve got five loads of laundry to fold and my dog wont stop barking at the squirrels in our yard and all I really want to do it watch a lot of Bravo TV or hide under a large heap of blankets” feeling.  That “I thought I would get fancy and try to wax my Italian Lady Sideburns off. Oh crap…that didn’t go as planned. Now I have what can only be described as a Blemish-Beard” feeling. True story. Ugh. The regrets. […]

Bacon & Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies {Gluten-Free}

To say you don’t like cookies, would be like saying you don’t like happiness. Or puppies. Or air to breathe. Sure, there’s probably a variety of cookie you may avoid due to preference, allergies, or dietary restrictions – but who the heck doesn’t like the idea of a cookie?

I LOVE cookies.When I was young, we used to buy a big tub of cookie dough at Costco, which my brother and I would attack with a spoon (salmonella be damned!). I used to take a to-go box from my college cafeteria, and fill the entire thing with fresh-baked cookies. I’d go so far as to say that most of life’s problems can be calmed with a fresh-baked chocolate chip cookie and a glass of milk (or almond milk in the case of my early-30’s, late-onset lactose intolerance). There’s a great scene in the film Stranger Than Fiction that covers this idea.

Somehow I am not obese.


Almond Spiced Donuts With Chocolate And Coconut | Gluten Free

I warned you this was coming.
I got a donut pan for Christmas and had to fulfill its donut-pan-destiny. It’s only fair.
Team Health has been in full effect in our house. I got my husband hooked on juice. We’ve been eating veggies like true professionals. Did I mention that my sweet-guzzling-cookie-butter-loving husband made me purchase chia seeds yesterday? I watched in amazement as he added a tablespoon to his green juice and knocked it back like a champ. Superfood-tastic. It’s getting serious.
Let’s be completely honest though, we keep things balanced… […]

Grain-Free Cardamom Spiced Plum Galette + The Zenbelly Cookbook Giveaway!

It’s Wednesday. It’s totally time to  TREAT YO’ SELF.

We’ve been keeping things pretty savory lately with Soy & Ginger Crock Pot Ribs and Tomato & Coconut Chicken Curry. There’s been oodles of zoodles. Some with peanut sauce. Some with pesto and roasted tomatoes. And while we can probably all agree that savory flavors are their own treat,  I think we deserve something sweet. That rhymed. I feel like a culinary Dr. Seuss. Plum Galettes here and there, Plum Galettes everywhere. Do you like my hat? I do not like your hat. Goodbye. Okay… did I lose you? I read a lot of Dr. Seuss as a kid.

But, back to treats. I’m here to help. I’m bringing you a recipe for some hot n’ sassy plums nestled all comfy-like in a butter-laced almond meal crust. Oh, and I’m totally giving away a copy of the book that inspired this fine creation. See? Treat. Yo. Self.  […]

Grain-Free Banana Walnut Cake

On Saturday morning I woke up in a funk. Before my feet even hit the floor I was angry and sullen. It was as if waking up tipped me into a full blown state of overwhelm. My mind raced and I just lay there with flashes of to-do lists and goals and problems and ideas washing over me at warp speed. It was like an internet screen with ALL the tabs open was living right underneath my eyeballs. […]

Grain-Free Chocolate & Orange Scones

It’s been unseasonably warm here in California.

I know, you’re probably rolling your eyes and about to bite my head off about snow and ice and wool socks and one very real Polar Vortex. I get it. It’s obnoxious that it’s warm-ish here. I know I’m supposed to be all brag-a-saurus about how I’ve been getting away with the occasional tank-top or how there isn’t a cloud in the sky today. It’s sunny. Like really sunny. Like “the sun is streaming in through my window as I type this and assaulting my computer screen and giving off a terrible glare” kind of sunny. But, I’m just not that jazzed about it. The usually lush hills surrounding my home look thirsty and haggard. It’s surpassed the awesomely golden shade they turn in summer. It’s just dead. Everything is an even shade of brown. What’s the opposite of a Polar Vortex? Because this feels like that. Dry. Drought-y. Calm. Thirsty. […]

How To Make An Awesome Cauliflower Crust Pizza!

There comes a time in every girls life where she finds an extra head of cauliflower in her fridge, converts that head of cauliflower into pizza, and then proceeds to nonchalantly shove that ENTIRE pizza down her pie hole. You know that whole “dance like nobody’s watching” saying we hear so frequently? This is the sneaky-awkward-alone with my feelings on a wednesday-food-blogging-girl equivalent. I ate this pizza like no one was watching (even though my dog watched the whole time–begging–judging–begging). Should we make some “Eat Like Nobody Is Watching” t-shirts? Maybe, yes. Sometimes you just have to let your hair down and go for it. Er… maybe in this case pile your hair into a messy bun on top of your head to avoid any sauce splatter that is headed straight for your coif. Don’t give me that look–like you’ve never gotten a big chunk o’ tomato sauce stuck in the ends of your ponytail. We’re friends. We can admit these things. This is a safe space. We’re in the trust tree. […]