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Grain-Free Apple & Pear Crisp {Gluten-Free & Paleo}

Everyone has been so busy losing their minds over pumpkin. I’m no different. You’ve seen my Ultimate Gluten-Free Pumpkin Recipe Round-up! That got intense. I scoured the internet for over fifty pumpkin recipes. That is a lot of pumpkin, folks! I’m in it. I want to make pumpkin body wash and rub it all over my body so I smell like pie all day. I want to throw some pumpkin pie spice into my yogurt in the morning. I want to get wild and make pumpkin pudding and pumpkin soup and put on a pumpkin costume and do a jig as a pumpkin. Too much? Probably. But, you get me. There is totally a thing called “Pumpkin Fever”, and your girl has got it.  […]

Fig & Dark Chocolate Scones {Gluten Free & Paleo}

For most of my life, I thought Figs were a mythical kind of fruit. You know, like the fruit equivalent to a Pegasus or a Griffin.
To be fair, I never actually saw a whole fig in the flesh until my adult life. I had two fig references in my wheelhouse:
1) Fig Newtons: A delightful snacking cookie. I thought the person who made these cookies was named Mr. Fig Newton. I once asked my Grandfather what the filling was inside these cookies, to which he replied “something prunes.” As you can imagine, this threw me off the scent. As far as I was concerned Mr. Fig Newton was sitting in his house baking cookies filled with “something prunes.” I asked no questions.
2) Christmas Caroling: You know those lyrics in We Wish You A Merry Christmas? There is a whole verse where we demand something called “figgy pudding.” In my mind this sounded totally gross, and I didn’t ask questions. I assumed this so-called pudding was probably mushy, stinky, and something from tales of yore. I had visions of people clad in bonnets and bodices scooping chunks of wobbly pudding out into the hands of Christmas carolers. Whatever this stuff was, it was for sure old timey, as I’d never heard of it in my modern world. What ancient sorcery was this?  I don’t know. Maybe it was “something prunes.” Probably “something prunes.” […]

Tipsy Blueberry Banana Bread {Gluten-Free & Paleo}

Nothing says “your four day weekend is officially over!” like waking up at 3:30am to the sound of your cat vomiting onto your bed sheets. It got way too real way too quickly this morning.
I mean, I know that not everyday can be farmer’s markets, painting the entire living room while listening to old Beck albums, beautiful Golden Gate Bridge views, fro-yo in the sun, grilling in the afternoon, marathon-ing Netflix, too many potato chips, drinking whiskey in your underpants because it’s so dang hot and summery kind of a day. I know. I get it. Without the routine of real life those four day weekends of glorious nothingness and everything-ness would not seem special. But… I still feel waking up to the sound of your cat retching suspiciously close to your ankles is not ideal. However, when this unfortunate event does happen, I will give you a pro-tip. Sure, you might be the first person to wake up at the cat’s heaving. Maybe your husband or partner is still snoring and fast asleep next to you. You can totally nudge them until they wake up and then pretend that YOU are sleeping. They will hear the terrible noises and rush to clean things up. Not that I have ever done this (I have). That is so rude (but totally effective). Being married is awesome.
You know what else is awesome? This slightly drunken loaf of blueberry banana heaven! Did you like that flawless segue? Naturally. Okay, so I might have baked this loaf of bread while it was close to 100 degrees outside. This is because 1) I am obviously slightly insane  and 2) My husband gets really angry when I don’t use the old bananas that I let rot into mush on the counter. These bananas are laying there browning and mushing because I always claim I’m going to make banana bread. Do you guys do that too? Pete has little tolerance for it anymore. I kind of get it. We have been doing this relationship thing for ten years. Those ten years have seen lots of rotting bananas that have NOT made their way into banana breads. It pets his peeve. Is that a thing? Do I have to say pet peeve together? I don’t think I like the sound of petting someones peeve. Perhaps that is my pet peeve. Full circle. […]

Double Dark Chocolate Gluten-Free Zucchini Bread

Sometimes you need chocolate, and you need that chocolate exactly NOW.
Yesterday, that chocolate monster was me. It was probably a red flag when I got onto Twitter in the afternoon and tweeted awkwardly about how badly I wanted a milkshake. Actually, I’m pretty sure I phrased it “The things I would do for a milkshake right about now…” or something to that effect. You shouldn’t tweet things like that. It invites people to send you weirdly inappropriate messages questioning just how far you really would go for that milkshake. It then makes you realize all of the things you WOULDN’T do for a milkshake. There are lots of things I absolutely WOULD NOT DO for a milkshake. Ever. That list is long! I mean, I really like milkshakes, but a girl has standards!
After deciding it would be the best of moves to get off of the internet promptly, I started to dream about a hunk of dark baking chocolate I had in my pantry. I walked over to the pantry and held it in my hands. I unwrapped the corners and thought seriously about just digging in. No one would know. I was alone. No. No, Gina. Have some self control. We will bake something. Get the corner of that pound of baking chocolate out of your mouth. Be a lady. My conscience can be a real downer.
After some consideration, I decided that we should take some zucchini bread and make it chocolate-y. Oh, and then throw some coarsely chopped dark chocolate in the batter to create pockets of melt-y pure-chocolate goodness. YES!!! […]

Lemon & Chamomile Paleo Muffins {Gluten Free}

Important things I did yesterday instead of writing:

I Google image searched “Dogs wearing overalls” which then lead me to image search “Dogs in business suits” which then lead me to search “Where can I buy my dog a business suit?” and “Business suit for dogs distributor.” There is more. Let’s just say I went down the rabbit hole.

After this, I did a fair amount of internet research on tater tots. Sunday afternoon was spent brunching with friends. Tater tots happened in a big way. I want to make them. I can’t stop thinking about them. My brain and my heart are filled with images of these crunchy, school-time favorites. You want some now, don’t you? I am going to do my best to make this happen. I asked Siri earnestly “Why are tater-tots so delicious?” to which she replied “Calling Jim.”  Siri fail. The most concerning part being, I don’t know a Jim. […]

Feta, Chive & Greek Yogurt Biscuits | Gluten Free


These are the first biscuits that I have ever baked. Ever.

I wasn’t raised on biscuits. In fact, we never had them in our house. We were the family with the stash of Hawaiian sweet rolls. We occasionally baked those crescent rolls that came out of a can. Does that count? Probably not. Would it make a difference if I told you that sometimes we would roll mandarin oranges up into the crescent roll dough to make them fancy? No? Ok, fine. I will stop trying to impress you with my childhood culinary prowess.  I wasn’t exactly the Doogie Howser of baking, but I had dreams.

This week I found myself craving something savory and bread-y. When I found this recipe for Joy The Baker’s Feta, Chive and Sour Cream Scones, it was game over. I knew I wanted to try to make them gluten free. What was the worst that could happen? Not much. Honestly, if you put enough butter and cheese into something it’s usually an automatic culinary win. However, there was a chance (as there always is with gluten free baking) that my buttery biscuits would end up being buttery-rock-hard-nuggets-of-terror. (Honestly, have you ever picked up a loaf of rice bread at the store? It’s heavy.Weaponry, if you will). For this reason, I added in some almond meal to keep them moist and light and then crossed my fingers. […]

Pear, Pecorino & Chard Tartlets | Gluten Free

One of my favorite birthday gifts this year was Aran Goyaga’s cookbook Small Plates and Sweet Treats. Aran is the beautiful mastermind of the food blog  Cannelle et Vanille. It’s so gorgeous I can’t even handle it. Every single one of her photographs makes me want to jump into them, taste the food, and experience the lovely warm and bright atmosphere that she creates. She makes gluten-free food look decadent and chic. Can you tell I love her? Yes. I do. Gush, gush, gush.  She is major.

One of the recipes in the book that caught my eye immediately was her Swiss Chard, Pear & Gruyere Tart. However, true to form, I did not have a lot of what the recipe called for. My fancy gluten-free flour supply was rather low, but I did have almond meal.  I scoured the pantry and my fridge looking for other things that could make it work! You can’t stop a girl on a mission to make a tart. It’s just not possible. […]

Dark Chocolate & Coconut Milk Tart | Gluten Free | Dairy Free


Everyone has a food-allergy-friend.

You might not know it yet, but you do.  It will just happen one day.

This  person will come to your dinner party and exclaim that they cannot eat anything with wheat, dairy, peanuts, or that previously had a face.  You wish they would have told you ahead of time. You look suspiciously at the veal shanks that you have been slow cooking for four hours and feel like you’ve made a huge mistake.  You panic.

I get it.

However, if you’re making veal in a slow cooker, I would like to be your friend. Call me. I bet you like to eat steak for breakfast too. Gosh, we could probably be best friends.

I confess that I’ve totally been that allergy friend. I have whipped out a banana from my purse and eaten it at a work function. There tends to be a lot of gluten at work functions. I like to be prepared. I have the purse of a girl scout. […]

Light As Air Pumpkin Cake | Gluten-Free

I went to the mall this weekend.  They were playing Christmas carols.  I spent my ride home singing “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” without realizing what was going on.  They inadvertently hijacked my holiday spirit. Crafty.

Why do we have to rush through this holiday season?  I still have my jack o’lantern on the porch.  Chill.  We’ve got time.  Let’s not rush things.  I’ve still got pumpkin recipes for you!  I am not ready to switch to egg nog (least of all because it’s awful).  Fall has barely arrived.  I just want to relish in cinnamon and cloves and all that this season has to offer before I am bombarded by peppermint, blow-up snowmen and Mall Santas.  We will get there.  All in due time. […]

25 Whole30 Recipes to Help You Thrive (Not Just Survive)!

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season–I took a nice little break from blogging in order to do my annual holiday stress out, complete with traveling, spending time with family and consuming a moderate to high level of wine. All in all, it was good–but, now I’m back home and ready to rock out this year with you all. Let’s start with a round up of some of my favorite healthy recipes!  […]